Einarsson Invictus Salmon Fly Reel

Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel
Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel
Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel smallEinarsson Invictus Salmon Reel big
Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel
Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel smallEinarsson Invictus Salmon Reel big
Einarsson Invictus Salmon Reel
Invictus Salmon Reel smallInvictus Salmon Reel big
Invictus Salmon Reel

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Einarsson Fly Fishing Introduces the new Invictus fly reel range
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Price: £610.00 available for order


Einarsson Invictus Reels


Imagine that you are on the river bank, casting at a fish, quivering in readiness for the take. Suddenly you can feel your line stretching, your rod bends and the energy from the fish surges through your tackle. You are into the fight, as the synapses fire off in your brain the pleasure which every fly fishermen knows so well consumes you, holding you transfixed in the moment. Until you are snapped back to reality as the line breaks or the hook pulls out!
This is where our new way comes into play. The drag system that we have designed reduces the required start up inertia by overcoming the breakaway friction as the reel spool begins to spin, alleviating both the shock and the brief delay in allowing line to be dispensed from the reel. This smoother delivery translates into more control at the take and during sudden strong runs.
Let’s wind back and look at the physics. When the fish pulls out line the fly rod bends and what actually happens is that the line, leader and rod are storing this energy. Modern fly reels then convert this stored energy from the fish into heat at the brake system, always with a measurable spike in brake away friction.

The technical revelation ‘Einarsson Fly Fishing’ is presenting to the fly fishing world has the ability to store part of the fish-generated energy in the reel system - for the first time ever brake away friction is actually zero. Shock tippet is now actually build in to the reel.
The new brake system ensures that the transition in the brake system is softer* compared to leading brands in the reel market. The system will level out shockwaves during a take or fight, such as those from jumping and head shaking of the fish. This invention allows you to experience more pleasure, through the use of lighter tackle, less snapped leaders and surely more landed fish.

* Measured and documented by the Icelandic Innovation Centre. 

SAB brake system is the result of three years of continuous R&D program at Einarsson Fly Fishing. Starting in 2007 with the goal of developing the best brake system in the industry. It was a bold idea at the time and it still is.
With determination, skills and innovative thinking Einarsson Fly Fishing has developed a new technology we call Shock Absorbance Brake or SAB for short.

What is SAB?
SAB is our patented and innovative brake system. With a simple, yet effective, spring system the reel´s brake has a unbelievably smooth drag startup.
The idea behind SAB
When developing the new SAB braking system we firstly wanted to lower breakaway friction to a level that it was not measurable, actually to zero. Secondly, we wanted to eliminate the fluctuation in the brake when fish is pulling out line.

What does it really mean?
The unique ingredient in the SAB system is the delay of the drag setting to kick in at full adjusted power. When fish take line, spool turns for a 30-45° angle, gradually increasing the drag power until it reaches the drag setting on the reel, a setting chosen by the angler.
This means that the SAB system on the Invictus absorbs all the kinks and nuances that can be present when fish is pulling out line. It also ensures an unbelievable soft start-up of the brake system, making SAB system softer than any other fly reel drag.
The reel works just like your normal fly reel. There is nothing difference on the exterior and you don´t have to change your ways in working a fish. Invictus delivers a strong drag with a smoothness you have never experiences before in any other reel.


Design Features
SAB drag system
The new patent pending SAB drag system gives you a extremely smooth brake you have never experienced before.  

Type III hard anodizing
All Invictus reels are Type III Hard Anodized. The reason is simple; we know that Type III is the ultimate coating for an outdoor product.  Unlike the Type II anodizing used on 99% of all reels made, Type III can be applied to an extreme thickness with a bullet hard coating.
All our reels are anodized in one of the most advanced anodizing company in Northern Europe. Type III is in accordance with to DS/EN 12373 Class 1
A drag that would stop a bus ?
The Invictus drag is built on the experience from our Plus reels. In the January issue of Trout&Salmon, in a review of the Plus reel, the comment on the drag was “The drag would stop a bus and is easily adjustable”. The drag on the Invictus is on the other hand build to be the smoothest available. To be able to play your fish with the most softness, care and delicate never experienced on a fly reel before. And the most important, help you to land more fish.
Made to last

The design of the mainframe and spool is sturdy. The Invictus was not supposed to be the lightest reel on the market, it was supposed to be among the strongest.
Made in Iceland

All our reels are engineered and assembled at our factory in Iceland. By monitoring the entire process we uphold our standard of the ‘highest quality’.





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